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February 25, 2010
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.::Yellow::. by Alabaster-Cloud .::Yellow::. by Alabaster-Cloud
The third in my Spectrum series, Yellow!

Blue: [link]

Green: [link]

Lol I hate yellow. It can be so nasty, and finding the right shade of it is pretty hard. (but that's kinda why I did this series, lol...color practice!) Haha, there's so much green in this's not my fault yellow-green is my favorite color! >.< I think there's a little yellow-orange, but ballhhhaadadgaasfk I hate yellow xD /complain

I tried out something a bit different with the eyes, but I'm not completely satisfied with the results. I wanted a kind of "golden polished/opaque marble" effect, but I dunno if that's how it came out. xD

Don't even look at the plastic bag. I SAID DON'T LOOK! -sob-

I wanted to give this guy (yay for more androgynous people! :dummy:) rubber boots, but I don't think the shiny is shiny enough to look like rubber. :/ Lol fail pants too. xD

I do like how his skin came out, though. I really like dark skin (so pretty! :heart:), and coloring/shading it was very fun. :) I like the shading in general, ahaha! xD

Lol what a derpy, boring, girly background. WHERE BE THE GLOWY?! I don't think glowy would have worked with yellow...unless I made it like a SUPER SPACE ADVENTURE PEW PEW PEW or something. xD

Enough rambling, ahaha xD Bg brushes from!

Art (c) Me

Next is Orange! I like orange. c:

Oh, and I've started to develop these characters more xD I already have ideas for Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, and Black.

And now a short bio for this guy to make the comments even longer!

Name: Sunny Lemon (all the names are based on shades of the color)
5' 9" (about 173 cm, for you people using the Metric system)
121 lbs. (sorry, I don't remember the Metric translation xD)
Sunny is an enthusiastic lover of the color yellow. He's an avid jogger. Despite his sunny (lol I made a funny...that rhymes) disposition, Sunny can be a total douche. (because I hate yellow)
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pennomenal May 18, 2010
the design and colours are gorgeous
Thank you very much! :)
FueledByParaic Mar 28, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I like it :3
hmm don't like the background or her hair that much but the shading and the details are awesome ;)
I agree >.< The background was really bugging me, but I couldn't fix it. I wanted to stay with the "ooh flowery sunshine" theme, but the flowers don't look that good in yellow-green and yellow-orange. :(
Thanks a lot, though! :D
yellow-orange is cool but I'm not into yellow-green and I usually try to avoid it with my pics, it's just not my type of color XD
still cool and well done, and you make backgrounds billion times better than mine, I suck at backgrounds XD
that's why most of my work doesn't have a background....
Actually, yellow-green (or green-yellow xD) is my favorite color xD
Thanks xD But I should probably start doing real backgrounds soon instead of cheating and making swirly, glowy backgrounds. Some trees would be nice, ahaha xD
why? swirly, glowy backgrounds are the best XD
I really loved the blue, the green and the one with hearts the best :D
I love glowy backgrounds so much xD But I think I also have to expand my background abilities :S
Thank you! I really like how the V-Day one came out :D
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